Episode 6 Yemeni Mesa KNOW Foods

My guest this week is Yemeni Mesa. Formerly with Quest Nutrition, he’s the CEO of KNOW Foods. A bodybuilder much of his life, he’s become a leading advocate for healthy, fulfilling, lifestyles which have less physical pain and mental fog from the foods we consume. Listen and learn from his lifetime of education and self-experimentation. From […]

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Brownies On Deck

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a moist, chocolate, brownie? You’ll love them better when they don’t spike your blood glucose or include inflammatory gluten! Dr. Drew Pinsky loves them!!! Ingredients 1 cup almond flour (I buy the Almond Flour Blanched, Anthony’s 4lb Bag, Certified Gluten-Free from Amazon) 1/3 cup organic, tiger nut flour (the Tiger […]

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