Episode 4 with Jena Covello Agent Nateur

My guest this week is Jena Covello, Founder and Creatrix of Agent Nateur. A natural beauty company that actually fulfills what they promise with pure, non-gmo, non-toxic ingredients that are the best in the world.

Jena’s journey to creating this highly successful company involved suffering and surgeries from hormone related health problems exacerbated by toxic man-made chemicals found in our food and environment.

Listen and learn from her journey to health as we discuss everything from clean food, to pure ingredients and the fight for truth in the face of well-funded adversaries.

We hit controversial topics like root canals, endometriosis, bad doctors, Monsanto, poisons, and why we continue to allow it all to happen.

Grab the Agent Nateur products at their website, or major retailers like Nordstrom and Net-A-Porter.

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